Jerry Davis

Jerry Davis’ life was put on hold after contracting COVID-19. He quickly developed pneumonia, suffered respiratory failure, and a stroke. With the help of his care team, he overcame all of these obstacles and looks forward to returning home soon.

Edward Gonzales

Edward Gonzales worked long hours to support his wife and two young children. That all changed when he lost his leg from an infection. His therapists at Vibra worked to get him back to his active lifestyle.

Mrs. Fender

Mrs. Fender came to Vibra to recover from a double knee replacement. She worked through the pain and is now ready to return home to continue her recovery.

James Evans

James Evans knew something was wrong when he woke up in terrible pain. On his second trip to the hospital, they found a spinal cord abscess and infection. After a month, he came to Vibra where he could work towards his independence.

Frankie “Dean” Nelson

Dean and his wife like to stay busy but when he contracted COVID-19, all activity stopped. His condition required acute care and intense therapy to get back to better.

Gary Solomon

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gary’s life took a turn. He contracted the virus in October, and after seven days of self-quarantining, he saw no improvement.

Brienna Schmidt

When she arrived at Vibra, Brienna was totally dependent on the help of others, and still had her tracheostomy. Throughout her stay, Brienna made great progress until she achieved her ultimate goal of returning home.

Mr. Carlson

When he arrived at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo, Mr. Carlson faced a significant challenge. “I couldn’t do anything for myself,” he stated.

Nancy McCutchen

Before her injury, Nancy McCutchen lived a fairly active life in a retirement village. She would go for daily walks with her dog and worked part-time. She was completely independent. While taking her dog for a walk one day, Nancy slipped on some ice and fell, suffering an injury.