Randy Tindall

Visiting his daughter in Oklahoma one day, Randy began feeling weak. A few days passed, and Randy only felt worse, so his wife took him to the emergency room in Amarillo. He tested positive for COVID-19 and was admitted to the ICU. Before long, Randy required a ventilator and spent 11 days breathing with its assistance.

Lazaro Alcantar

Before COVID-19, Lazaro Alcantar lived an active life in the community. Lazaro is a newlywed, has six children, and worked two jobs. But after contracting COVID-19, complications from the virus landed Lazaro in the hospital.

Ricky McDaniel

After his leg amputation, Ricky McDaniel came to Vibra for intensive rehabilitation. He worked hard at his recovery and looks forward to receiving his prosthesis.

Sharon Wingrove

Sharon Wingrove needed intensive rehabilitation after breaking her tibia. She arrived at Vibra feeling depressed but left feeling grateful for the support and care she received.

Mikel Cauthon

Mikel Cauthon arrived at Vibra unaware of his surroundings after contracting COVID-19 and suffering a stroke. Since then, he has made great progress and is thankful for Vibra’s help in his recovery.

Melissa Gutierrez

Melissa Gutierrez went from living her busy and active life to a month-long stay at the hospital. After contracting COVID-19, she needed extended care to get back to better.

Charles & Chanelle Reeves

A car struck Charles and Chanelle Reeves’ motorcycle on their way home from an event. They both lost a leg but maintained a positive attitude throughout therapy. They worked hard to get back to their old lifestyle.

Jerry Davis

Jerry Davis’ life was put on hold after contracting COVID-19. He quickly developed pneumonia, suffered respiratory failure, and a stroke. With the help of his care team, he overcame all of these obstacles and looks forward to returning home soon.

Edward Gonzales

Edward Gonzales worked long hours to support his wife and two young children. That all changed when he lost his leg from an infection. His therapists at Vibra worked to get him back to his active lifestyle.

Mrs. Fender

Mrs. Fender came to Vibra to recover from a double knee replacement. She worked through the pain and is now ready to return home to continue her recovery.