Bessie Alley

A retired realtor, Bessie Alley lived an active life. She lived alone in her townhome and enjoyed shopping and giving back to the community. Bessie certainly didn’t plan to spend the first two weeks of the year in a hospital bed.

But, that’s where Bessie found herself. Having fallen ill at the end of December, she became increasingly weak. Before she knew it, Bessie required help with things she had done independently. Her physician, Dr. Sreenivasan, recommended an inpatient stay at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo. At Vibra, Bessie could work on overcoming her functional deficits to regain her independence.

Bessie agreed and admitted to Vibra. Regaining her independence with daily activities and ambulation was challenging. But Bessie was motivated.

“I am very independent,” Bessie stated simply, explaining her motivation.

Over a fifteen-day stay at Vibra, Bessie made significant improvements. She credits her success to her therapists, Nede, Chris, and Chrystina, and her nurses, especially Chayson, who she says has a very calming and comforting way about him. And especially Mishane, the director of respiratory services at the hospital.

“Mishane is such a good person. She helped me do so many things, not just related to respiratory care,” Bessie stated. “She would help me get ready every morning. And it doesn’t hurt that we are both Christians. I can see that we will be friends outside of this setting for many years to come!”

Bessie looks forward to resuming volunteering and spending time with the new puppy her daughter got for her!