Brienna Schmidt

Brienna and Ryan Schmidt are parents to seven children. Five of those seven still live at home, and the youngest is three years old. In addition to being a mom, Brienna is a full-time student working toward her bachelor’s degree in psychology. Her busy life also included being active in her church.

After being diagnosed with COVID-19, Brienna’s life took a major turn. She was admitted to the hospital where she spent 42 days on a ventilator. Throughout that time, Brienna’s family often found themselves doubting she would pull through. But Brienna fought hard, eventually regaining enough strength to liberate herself from the ventilator.

As she continued to improve, Brienna’s physicians and case manager recommended a transfer to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo. Eager to transfer, she looked forward to making further progress in her recovery.

Vibra’s therapy staff left an impact on Brienna during her stay. She indicated that Heather (COTA) and Monica (PTA) were great, encouraging her and helping her work hard toward her goals. Brienna’s end goal was a safe return home.

When she arrived at Vibra, Brienna was totally dependent on the help of others, and still had her tracheostomy. Throughout her stay, Brienna made great progress until she achieved her ultimate goal of returning home. When she discharged from Vibra, Brienna could walk with the assistance of a device and could complete her activities of daily living independently.

As she prepared to return home, Brienna was filled with excitement to see her children again. She looks forward to returning to church and singing in the choir again, as well as finishing her education. Brienna attributes much of her recovery to God and the prayers from her family and church.