Charles & Chanelle Reeves

Charles and Chanelle Reeves lived life carefree, traveling anywhere at the drop of a hat. The couple spent a lot of time on their motorcycle, coming and going as they pleased. In August 2021, they were attending a benefit event. After the event, they were in a group of eight bikes riding in formation. Outside of Pampa, TX, a car started coming into their lane. They tried to avoid a wreck, but there was nowhere for them to go as the car hit them.

The couple was taken to Northwest Texas Hospital, where they received emergency surgery that night. They spent five days at Northwest and then transferred to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo. Happy they were able to stay together, they tried to maintain a positive attitude. Their motivation for recovery was to get home.

Both Charles and Chanelle lost a leg in the accident and needed intensive therapy to regain their independence. The staff made sure to stay supportive in their recovery. One of their nurses even brought Charles donuts every day. They said, “We want to be able to return to our normal life as much as we can. We received great care from nursing, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.”

Serena, their case manager, was helpful during their stay. Charles and Chanelle explained, “Anytime we needed anything or had an issue, she was there to listen and help anyway she could. She also helped us get everything we needed to go home.”

Charles and Chanelle look forward to gaining their independence so they can return home. They explained, “We want to be able to get around and do the things we like to do. Basic activities like doing dishes, cleaning, cooking, and getting back to work. I really want to be able to drive again.” A long-term goal that they will continue to work towards is getting back on their motorcycle.