Mrs. Clancy

Everything was completely normal for Mrs. Clancy, working and completely independent. Then she developed a serious infection in her left leg and became septic. This began a five-month journey that included several surgeries.

After Mrs. Clancy’s initial surgery, she admitted to a skilled nursing facility. There, she suffered a fall, reopening her wound. Back at the hospital for additional treatment, Mrs. Clancy was diagnosed with a heart condition. This further complicated her recovery.

From there, Mrs. Clancy transferred to Vibra Hospital of Amarillo, a long-term acute care hospital (LTACH). Over the next two months, the focus was on treating her infection and helping Mrs. Clancy to regain her strength. Once she made enough progress, Mrs. Clancy moved on to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo.

At the rehab hospital, Mrs. Clancy worked toward regaining her independence so she could return home. And due to her hard work, Mrs. Clancy returned home for the first time in almost six months. She credits her recovery to the support of her family and the therapy staff who pushed her every day — even when it was difficult.

“I would recommend both Vibra hospitals to anyone who needs that level of care because they’re the best places to go,” Mrs. Clancy said. She wishes she could recall the names of everyone she encountered during her stay. “There were so many great people, I can only remember a few names, and I don’t want to leave anyone out.”

Mrs. Clancy plans to keep her recovery going at home through outpatient therapy and home health. Her next goal is to soon reach the point where she can qualify for a prosthesis.