Cynthia Dodgen

Cynthia Dodgen worked a full-time job and was an active member of the Amarillo community before being involved in a motor vehicle accident that left her with debilitating injuries.

Following the accident, Cynthia was treated at Northwest Texas Hospital’s emergency room. Her doctor recommended intensive rehabilitation to jumpstart her recovery, so Cynthia was referred directly to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo.

Darla, a clinical liaison with Vibra, arrived at the emergency room to explain the rehabilitation process and ensure that Cynthia felt comfortable with the plan for her care. Cynthia remarked that Darla was her “angel” that day!

While at Vibra, Cynthia shared that she felt “treated like family.” Nevertheless, she was looking forward to returning home with her own family again soon, which motivated her to work hard toward her rehab goals.

With the expertise and support of the Vibra team, Cynthia accomplished what was necessary to return home. She focused on regaining her strength, practicing going up and down stairs, learning new ways to complete day-to-day activities safely, and began walking confidently with a walker.

Upon going home from the hospital, Cynthia was happy to spend time cherishing the company of her son, granddaughters, two dogs, and three cats again. She looks forward to returning to her work and life in the community.