David Schroeder

David Schroeder is a happily retired 65-year-old living his best life. He enjoys every day taking care of his wife and mother-in-law. One day splitting firewood at the family cabin in Red River, NM, he felt some back pain. David never imagined this little bit of soreness would result in paralysis and a 12-week hospital stay to relearn how to walk.

As the back pain progressed, David went to the ER where a battery of tests were run. The tests provided no answers to the cause of his pain. David admitted to the hospital for observation. As the night progressed, he began to lose the use of his legs. Doctors ordered an MRI immediately, which provided much-needed clarity. David had suffered fractured vertebrae and had contracted a MRSA infection. Immediate surgery saved David’s ability to walk and likely his life. Another 24 hours, he was told, and he’d never walk again, with 48 hours likely proving fatal.

This was only the beginning of David’s journey. Following surgery, he transferred to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo. He spent two weeks there before going back to the general hospital for another surgery. After that surgery, David came to Vibra Hospital of Amarillo (a long-term acute care hospital, or LTAC). Two weeks later, another surgery. Back to the LTAC for two weeks, then four days at the rehab hospital, before his 4th and final surgery. Finally, David returned to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo to complete the final leg of his journey home.

David is now at the end of his 12-week journey to restore his ability to walk. He continues to work hard on regaining his full independence, knowing that each day he gets stronger. David credits his recovery to the physicians and staff at both Vibra hospitals. He would specifically like to thank Dr. Bindu Yalamanchili and Dr. Kishan Yalamanchili for the care they gave and the time they spent listening to both his and his wife’s concerns. David would also like to recognize Monica and Omar, two of the therapists he worked with. He said they were so encouraging during this process. And although they pushed him very hard, they did it in such a kind and loving way that it made him want to work hard for them.