Dean Newton

Prior to his stroke, Dean Newton lived independently and worked full-time for the City of Amarillo. Dean’s stroke occurred four days after undergoing a coronary artery bypass and aortic repair.

Dean’s surgery, and subsequent stroke, occurred in Plano, Texas. When the physicians recommended inpatient rehabilitation to recover from the effects of the stroke, Dean and his wife chose Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo. They knew that the combination of excellent clinical care and being close to home would give Dean the best chance to maximize his recovery.

That proved to be the case, as Dean found himself surrounded by caring and supportive individuals. “My wife has been a great support and motivator in my recovery,” Dean said, adding, “staff members Val and Linda are great!”

Dean also drew motivation from his goals of going home again and returning to work. He hopes that he’ll also be able to drive soon. While at Vibra, Dean made significant strides in his recovery but still has work to do toward accomplishing all his goals. He looks forward to playing with their four dogs when he gets back home!