James Evans

Working as a full-time food prep machine mechanic, James Evans always stayed active. Though he had to travel weekly for work, James always made time for family. He regularly checked in with his mom, helping her with household duties.

Then one morning, James woke up in terrible pain and went to the emergency room. They examined him and sent him home. Over the next couple of days, his symptoms worsened and James started feeling a tingling sensation in his legs. On his second trip to the hospital, James was admitted with a spinal cord abscess and infection.

James’s condition required surgery shortly after he arrived at the hospital. After surgery, he couldn’t feel anything in his lower extremities. Soon, James became stable enough to transfer to a skilled nursing unit where he spent the next 30 days.

At the end of that month, James’s physician recommended that he continue his care at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo. There he could receive the intensive therapy that he needed. When he arrived at Vibra he was unable to walk more than two feet and couldn’t stand for more than a few seconds.

After working hard and focusing on his recovery, James can now walk over 150 feet with an assistive device and manage his activities of daily living. He attributes his progress to the “wicked cool and amazing therapy staff.”

“My therapists Aiza, Nede, Tony, and Chris encouraged me to work hard towards my recovery goals. The nursing staff Kyera, Cassandra, and Isabel have been wonderful. Anything you ask for they will get it for you,” James explained.

James continues to focus on maintaining his motivation for recovery. He hopes to return home soon to see his son, Britton, before he leaves to go overseas with the Army. Progress for James also means getting back to work and living an independent life once again.