James Turner

James Turner owns his own business, where he worked full-time before his COVID-19 diagnosis. But unfortunately, COVID took its toll on James.

James initially admitted to BSA Hospital with respiratory complications, leading to mechanical ventilation. He doesn’t recall much from his time there. Eventually, James was medically stable enough to transfer to Vibra Hospital of Amarillo for an extended hospitalization.

During his stay at Vibra’s critical care hospital, James made excellent progress. “I received excellent care, and there were a lot of good people there,” he noted. He put his total confidence in his doctors and Craig Perrin, NP, who recommended he continue his recovery at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo, an inpatient rehab hospital.

At the rehab hospital, James had a similarly great experience. “The staff pushes you just enough to accomplish what you came for,” he said. James also noted specific staff members, Cathy, Pauline, and Monica, and appreciated the encouragement from the therapy team that helped him succeed.

“I feel I’ve made great progress with inpatient rehab,” James added. “I could barely move before I got here!”

James drew on motivation to regain his independence and return home to his wife, where he will return while continuing to advance his recovery with home health.