Kaye Moore

Everyday life was busy but rewarding for Kaye Moore. Kaye worked as a realtor and enjoyed hobbies that included gardening and cooking. She lived at home with her husband, and together, they spent as much time as they could with their grandchild.

After undergoing some lab work, Kaye met with her physician to review the results. Unfortunately, some of the values were abnormal, which resulted in Kaye admitting to BSA Hospital. At the hospital, Kaye was diagnosed with pancreatitis.

As Kaye’s care team worked on discharge planning, they determined an inpatient rehabilitation stay would be best for her to make a safe return home. Accordingly, the case management team referred Kaye to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo for the next phase of her recovery.

At Vibra, Kaye worked to regain her strength and function. She received physical, occupational, and speech therapy services, which she indicated played an essential role in her recovery. Kaye also credited the “well-round and motivational therapy team” for helping her build up her strength and prepare for future medical treatments.

Kaye looks forward to returning to work, spending time with her grandchildren, and resuming her hobbies upon discharge from Vibra.