Larry Bittick

One day at home, Larry Bittick recalled feeling unwell after taking his medication. That’s the last thing he remembered until he woke up in a hospital room at BSA Hospital. Larry couldn’t recall how he arrived or what had happened. The doctors at BSA helped fill in the blanks somewhat, diagnosing Larry with a stroke.

Before his stroke, Larry lived at home with his spouse and was very active, doing housework and yardwork and still driving. He only used a walker for long distances and could cover short distances without any assistive device. Larry would need intensive rehabilitation to get back to his previous level of function.

Larry began physical and occupational therapy at BSA Hospital before transferring to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo for inpatient rehab. During his stay at Vibra, Larry progressed significantly, crediting his therapy team for helping him set goals and pushing him to get better. He also noted that “the kitchen provided good food” and “everything I have asked for, nursing has done.”

Larry looks forward to returning home with his wife and believes therapy has prepared him for a safe transition home. Additionally, he is excited to resume his daily routine and the challenges his discharge will bring.