Lazaro Alcantar

Before COVID-19, Lazaro Alcantar lived an active life in the community. Lazaro is a newlywed, has six children, and worked two jobs. But after contracting COVID-19, complications from the virus landed Lazaro in the hospital. Within 48 hours of his admission, Lazaro declined rapidly and required intubation. He remembers very little from his stay in the ICU at BSA Hospital.

Requiring an extended recovery time, Lazaro had transferred to Vibra Hospital of Amarillo, a critical care hospital. He recalls waking up in Vibra’s ICU. Lazaro made significant progress in the critical care hospital. Once he was medically stable enough, Lazaro transferred to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo.

Lazaro appreciates the staff at both Vibra hospitals. “The staff was attentive and kind,” he said. “Everyone encouraged me, which helped me work hard to reach my goal of going home.” Lazaro is particularly grateful to Craig Perrien, FNP for taking excellent care of him.

During his time at Vibra, Lazaro set two goals that were important to him. The first was to be able to walk without oxygen, a goal he is very excited to have achieved. The second was to be able to walk again. Lazaro is doing much better and continues to work on gaining enough strength to no longer need a walker.

Lazaro is excited to return home to his family soon and looks forward to getting back to work!