Mr. Sugg

Shortness of breath and tightness in his chest led Mr. Sugg to the emergency room at Northwest Texas Hospital. He had no way of knowing that would be the start of a very long journey.

Mr. Sugg doesn’t remember much between then and when he arrived at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo. He relied on his family to help fill in the blanks for him. Mr. Sugg spent a total of 22 days at Northwest Texas Hospital, including 20 in the ICU. He suffered acute respiratory failure and was placed on a ventilator. Mr. Sugg then transferred to Vibra Hospital of Amarillo, a long-term acute care hospital (LTACH).

At the LTAC, Mr. Sugg received a high level of medical care to help prepare him for rehabilitation. While on the ventilator, he was sedated and received TPN feedings. This left him very weak and unable to care for himself. Though he has little memory of the LTAC, Mr. Sugg does remember everyone being caring and compassionate. He expressed specific gratitude for Paula Bradberry, RRT, James Long, RN, and Keesha Gilmore, RN, for taking such good care of him.

After a couple of weeks at the LTAC, Mr. Sugg’s treating physicians recommended inpatient rehabilitation. This would help him regain the strength he needed to return home independently. Mr. Sugg and his family chose Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo to continue his care. He states it was an easy choice to take that next step so he could get better and back to living life and working again.

“I’ve lost out on two months of life and I am very lucky to still be alive, given that the doctors initially told my folks I only had a 40% chance of surviving.”

Mr. Sugg credits his success at the rehab hospital to the doctors, nurses, and therapists — especially Omar. “They expected a lot from me, and had more faith in my recovery than I did,” he noted.

Success to Mr. Sugg is returning home and to work without an oxygen tank, walker, or wheelchair.

“I am already in better shape than I was before I got sick. And I want to get even better!”

After discharging, Mr. Sugg looks forward to enjoying life more than ever and not taking a single day for granted. “I know the Lord is not done with me yet, and I want to get home and spend some time with my sons,” he added.