Mrs. Fender

For years, Mrs. Fender suffered from intense knee pain. Her physicians recommended a double knee replacement. She knew if they separated the surgeries, she would never go back for the second knee replacement. Her doctors agreed to complete both at the same time so she decided to “go for it.”

With the long road to recovery ahead, Mrs. Fender began looking at various rehabilitation options. She turned to her friend Ms. Lewis for advice on where to go. As a previous patient of Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo, Ms. Lewis said to her, “Hands down, go to Vibra. They have the best care.” Mrs. Fender took her advice and transferred to Vibra for the next phase in her recovery.

When Mrs. Fender first arrived, she was suffering from very intense pain. Her physical therapists knew that she would have to work through the pain to see progress. Mrs. Fender, being the strong-willed person she is, stuck with it and overcame her obstacles. She stated, “You have to be in the right headspace and also want to get better.”

While working through therapy, Mrs. Fender bonded with another patient who went through the same surgery. In the gym, she would encourage her to keep pushing and would say, “We have to push through, we can do it. I am 79-years-old. If I can do it, so can you!”

Mrs. Fender feels that she is ready to go home. She is appreciative of all the care and support she received during her stay. “This is the best group of people that work here,” she stated. She said she will make sure to tell all her friends and family to come to Vibra for their rehabilitation needs.