Mrs. Tacquard

Mrs. Tacquard lives at home with her husband and their dog. Before falling ill, she lived independently, able to do almost anything she wanted. Her journey begins with an initial illness in February 2020 that led to hospitalization in March 2020. After several days in the hospital, she discharged to a skilled nursing facility. A few weeks later, she returned home, but only for a short time.

Home only a day, Mrs. Tacquard passed out. An ambulance transported her to BSA Hospital where she woke up three days later. Mrs. Tacquard had gone into renal failure and developed an infection from the diabetic wounds on her feet. Doctors informed her that if the prescribed treatment didn’t cure the infection, they may need to amputate both of her feet. They started Mrs. Tacquard on dialysis and IV antibiotics. Her physician, Dr. Khaznadar, recommended she admit to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo for continued care.

Upon arriving at Vibra, Mrs. Tacquard realized it was clear the staff would push her to get better, even if some of what she had to do wasn’t the most fun. “They kept pushing me to do the work until I finally had the desire to get better,” she reflected. “Now I can stand and walk! The care I have received from the doctors, nurses, and therapists has been great!”

Mrs. Tacquard credits her successful recovery to the staff’s knowledge in working with people and their specific illnesses and injuries. She drew her motivation from knowing that through hard work she could overcome her illness. “I want to get back to a normal life, doing all the things I did before,” she stated. “I want to enjoy life again!”

Excited to return home, Mrs. Tacquard looks forward to seeing her family and friends again. “Mainly, I just want to get better and get my life back!”