Peter Cervantez

Before his hospitalization, Peter Vervantez lived independently at his home in New Mexico. An active individual, Peter enjoyed taking walks around his neighborhood. Though he no longer drives, Peter retained his mobility and independence without needing durable medical equipment for assistance.

While watching TV one day, Peter got very dizzy and noticed he couldn’t stand up. After being taken to a facility in his home state of New Mexico, Peter soon transferred to BSA Hospital after being diagnosed with a stroke. There, he demonstrated a new onset of ataxia (lack of coordination) with dizziness and difficulty walking. Ready for the next phase of his stroke recovery, Peter transferred to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo.

At Vibra, Peter worked with physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy to address his deficits due to the stroke. Peter credits his therapists for helping him feel confident that he could achieve the goals he set for his recovery. “I began to notice the progress I was making, which helped with my confidence,” he stated. “The therapists were great, and nursing goes above and beyond. And the kitchen staff made sure my food was always at the right temperature and tasteful.”

“You just have to do it, and you can’t give up,” he added.