Ricky McDaniel

Ricky McDaniel’s illness started with a blister to his foot and led to a required leg amputation. Before his illness, he lived independently and worked as an outside engineer for a New Mexico phone company.

Ricky decided to have his surgery in Amarillo to be close to family. Post-surgery, his physician recommended Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo for continued care. From day one, he worked hard at his recovery and appreciated the support he received from the Vibra staff. He particularly connected with Pauline and Monica during his stay. The therapy team encouraged him to push himself during his sessions and assisted in his recovery.

The next phase of Ricky’s recovery will start with his prosthesis fitting. He explained that he will feel like a success story when he gets his prosthesis. This will allow him to go back to work and live the independent life he led before his amputation. He looks forward to returning home and can’t wait to ride his horse, Hondo, again.