Shannan Stockton

Shannan Stockton was just trying to move her husband’s pickup truck.

Now she was pinned between the truck and the garage, with no one home to help. The busy mother of three and middle school teacher couldn’t believe how her life changed in an instant.

Fortunately, the hinges on the truck door broke free and the vehicle rolled back. Though shocked, Shannan was freed. Thinking she was only badly bruised, Shannan went inside and laid in bed. She decided to call her teenage daughter to come to take her to urgent care to be checked out.

From urgent care, Shannan was transported to Northwest Texas Hospital. There, doctors discovered multiple fractures. The fractures included a broken right clavicle, fractured pelvis, and five ribs. None of the fractures were operable. Shannan spent the night in hospital before being discharged home with home healthcare.

Home healthcare evaluated Shannan and determined she needed more care than they could provide. This led Shannan to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo for additional treatment and care.

Over the next two weeks, Shannan worked hard to get back to where she was before the accident. Though she dealt with pain from the injuries, lying around wasn’t an option for her. The support of her good friend, Tona, helped. Not only a friend, Tona also happened to be her occupational therapist at Vibra.

For Shannan, a successful recovery means two things. One, that she can care for herself without relying on others. And two, that she’s able to be there for her family again. When Shannan discharged from Vibra, she was well on the way to achieving those goals.

Shannan looks forward to being with her family and going back to work. That is, of course, a family vacation. The vacation has been planned for the last year, and Shannan returned home in time to go!