Sharon Wingrove

Sharon Wingrove worked from home in customer service. She got around fairly well until one day when she tripped and fell, breaking her tibia. In search of intensive rehabilitation options, she chose Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo. Because of the extensive therapy, she knew Vibra would provide the right recovery program to get her home.

When Sharon initially arrived at Vibra, she felt very depressed until she met Trisha from EVS. Trisha brought her a blanket and a card that gave her the boost of encouragement she needed. Since then, she has enjoyed her rehabilitation.

In addition to Trisha, Melissa explained that Tonna (PT), Stacey (OT), Anita (RN), and Jennifer (nurse tech) have been wonderful and supportive. Richard from EVS was also very kind and checked on her every morning and afternoon before leaving for the day. All the staff helped her recover physically and mentally, cheering her on along the way.

To show her gratitude, Sharon made beaded bracelets for the staff. She cherished the chance to make something special for them and enjoyed passing them out. Sharon looks forward to continuing her recovery from home. She has one more surgery to get ready for and then hopes to get back to her life and possibly go back to work.