Vicky Stewart

Vicky Stewart went to bed on January 14th as an active grandmother, living life to the fullest. She enjoyed gardening and picked up her grandson from school each day.

The next morning, Vicky woke up on the floor unsure how she got there. Unable to walk, Vicky crawled to the phone. She called her son for help, who got her to BSA Hospital. The doctors at BSA treated Vicky for a traumatic brain injury.

The time came for Vicky to discharge from BSA Hospital, but it wasn’t yet safe for her to return home. Vicky knew where she needed to be at this stage of her recovery. She transferred to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo.

In July, Vicky spent ten days at Vibra recovering from a stroke. Having had a great experience then, Vicky knew the team at Vibra could help her regain her strength again.

When Vicky arrived at Vibra, she clearly defined her idea of success. Her goal was to return home able to function as well, if not better, than before her brain injury.

After 14 days at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo, Vicky achieved her goal.

Vicky credits her successful recoveries to the therapy staff at Vibra. In particular, she points out the therapists’ instance and encouragement with their patients. Vicky looks forward to attending her grandson’s school functions, taking her beloved border collie for walks, and working in her yard this spring.