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Sharon Wingrove

Sharon Wingrove needed intensive rehabilitation after breaking her tibia. She arrived at Vibra feeling depressed but left feeling grateful for the support and care she received.

Mark Fourmentin

After he was struck by a car while crossing the street, Mark Fourmentin required multiple surgeries. He required intensive rehabilitation and was transferred to Vibra to focus on recovery.

Mrs. Ettel

From her first day at Vibra, Mrs. Ettel worked hard to recover from a severe fall that fractured her pelvis. Although the pain was intense, she pushed through and got more flexible.

Shannan Stockton

As an active mother of three, Shannan Stockton was looking to recover quickly after fracturing her ribs, pelvis, and right clavicle in a car accident.

David Schroeder

David Schroeder suffered a fractured vertebra and MRSA infection that was nearly fatal. After multiple surgeries, he finally got to focus on his journey to recovery with Vibra.