Edward Gonzales

Edward Gonzales is very dedicated to his job. He works full-time as a CDL instructor at Clarendon College, putting in extensive hours to support his family. They live an active lifestyle, staying busy most of the time. Married for 16 years, he and his wife have two sons, ages two and ten. Their oldest son enjoys playing sports so they make sure to attend all the events as a family.

Their lifestyle changed after Edward was in a car accident. His car rolled hitting a concrete culvert. He arrived at a local county hospital by ambulance. Due to the severity of the injury to his right leg, he required a life-flight to a Lubbock, TX hospital for critical care. After three surgeries on his leg, he later developed an infection that resulted in amputation.

The amputation required extensive therapy, so Edward chose to transfer to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo. After researching Vibra’s reputation through reviews and realizing that it would be closer to home, he knew it was the right choice. A friend of his previously had a family member there as a patient and shared their positive experience with Edward.

When Edward arrived, the staff provided encouragement and helped him stay positive. He explained, “The therapists all have great attitudes. I was given important tips on how to recover faster, which was a good thing for me.”

Throughout his stay, Edward leaned on his family and friends. They provided the support he needed to get better. His hard work began to pay off and he started to see progress. He explained, “Being able to do things physically for myself, feeling self-sufficient, and being able to get home to my family has made me feel like my recovery is successful.”

Edward looks forward to returning home and will continue to work on his recovery. He hopes to receive a prosthesis soon. This will allow him to play with his sons again. He plans to get back to work soon so he can support his family.